The Journey

Every year ISM hosts a series of events that focus on three main factors, Identification, Development, and Promotion. 

These events are specifically designed to help athletes from all over the world get the right opportunity to succeed.

During 2019, ISM hosted the 'ISM Chance', where we worked with a group of Football (Soccer) players from across the United States of America.

In collaboration with Inter Orlando Academy (Florida, USA), the players were selected from a series of trial events and placed in a squad that trained/competed weekly whilst being watched closely by Club scouts from the MLS and USL leagues respectively.

The 'ISM Chance' was a huge success, but our team believed that the process highlighted the players throughout their own 'Journey' within the sport and from this, the ISM Journey was born!

If you believe that you have what it takes to become a Professional Athlete, and want to be part of the next 'ISM Journey', click the link below to get started on your own journey!