What Is The Chance?

Inter Sports Management is excited to announce that we will begin hosting our very own competition called “THE CHANCE”.


Each year, I.S.M will seek out the best players that have fallen through the cracks from around the world. The chosen players will get an exclusive opportunity to be a part of the I.S.M Academy - Select squad in Orlando, Florida.


Players will undergo a series of try-outs and assessments to see who has what it takes to become a professional.


Do you have what it takes?


Are you tired of being told that you are not good enough?


Are you ready to show the world that you deserve to be at the Professional level?


In the upcoming months, I.S.M The Chance will host the first of five try-outs to look for the best-unsigned footballers between 16-21 years old. The try-outs will take place in the following cities:


USA - Daytona, Orlando, Tampa


UK - Manchester, London


The Chance Academy is a full-time, pro-level training program run by Inter Orlando Academy. It’s where carefully selected young players come to work on their game in pursuit of a professional contract. 


In 2019, an impressive number of 15 graduates have gone on to achieve this goal. The selection process is called I.S.M The Chance and is a thorough search for the most promising, unsigned players all around the world. The talents with the biggest potential eventually get selected to come and train in Orland, Florida, where you will learn how to live, train, and play like a professional. 


The first try-outs will take place in Orlando, Florida on August 1st. Then tryouts in Daytona, Tampa, Manchester, and London.


Will you take up the challenge and pursue your dreams?