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Our professional staff brings an abundance of knowledge, experience, and care to our clients.

We are here to make sure that ALL of our clients receive the best service in the industry, and eliminate the additional stresses that they might face during an Athletic recruitment experience.

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Liam O'Brien - CEO

Originally from London, England, Liam O'Brien became a licensed intermediary and founded I.S.M in 2020.

Before I.S.M, O'Brien played at various prestigious football programs both in England and in the USA. After retirement, O'Brien launched Inter Orlando Academy as a platform to help create new opportunities for players to be discovered.

"I.S.M has one mission, to help our clients achieve their goals. We do not just handle the standard duties of an intermediary, we go that extra mile for our clients, whilst educating them on the industry from every aspect".

"Our focus at ISM is to make sure that our clients are always focused on their sport and nothing else. Our staff is enthusiastic, hard-working, and driven to see our clients succeed. ISM is going to deliver the best personal care we can to make sure our clients are always at the top of their game!"

Ryan Coombs - Football Consultant

Ryan operates out of our UK office. He has successfully helped position I.S.M in advanced positions with many clubs across the country. 

His role with I.S.M is to establish further connections with clubs, scouts, coaches, and players across the country and continue to help push I.S.M forward to represent the best talent.

"As a sports management graduate, I have the skills and knowledge essential for sculpting a successful career as a sports agent, which can be supported by communication and interpersonal skills gained through my experience within the retail industry. 

Passion and devotion are two traits that I feel most represent me as an individual. These are key to being successful in any endeavor that one set's their mind to. I fully enjoy having something that excites me to work towards and embrace the challenges this may bring. I do not allow success or failures to hinder me and continue to push forward to continue to grow'.

Matthew Shops

Football Scout / Consultant 

Matthew also operates out of our UK office. He has always had a love for football and always wanted to be involved from a young age.


Matthew found an interest in talent scouting and after receiving his qualifications from the Professional Football Scouts Association (PFSA), Matthew has worked very hard to develop his relationships within the game, whilst also gaining connections with clubs in Europe, South America, and Saudi Arabia.

"The reason why I wanted to be apart of I.S.M is that I found that they have ambition and drive to progress talent within football. The company has a good structure and excels in its support for its clients. I am hoping to play a key role in helping growth and progression within the company!


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