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Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Here at Inter Sports Management, we provide aspiring players with numerous opportunities to achieve their dreams of being a professional football player, all whilst having trusted representation that benefits their mental well-being, happiness and career goals.

Our various opportunities include -

  • Talent Identification Events

  • United States Soccer Scholarships

  • ISM Showcase Team

  • Trustworthy & Honest Representation


Talent Identification Events

The effect that the Corona-virus pandemic has had on football is huge, with clubs losing out on revenue and many talented players being let go to cover the expenses. Many of these athletes will be eager to get back into the game as quickly as possible, this is where I.S.M steps in. We are hosting these Talent Identification Events so that players have the chance to impress numerous professional scouts and coaches from countries around the world.

Throughout the duration of these events, the participating players will be put through training drills by the coaches and scouts themselves to measure their physical, technical, tactical and mental abilities. Mini-games and a full 11-a-side match will be contested with rolling subs that provides equal opportunities for every player to showcase what they can do.

At these events, every athlete will be provided their own numbered bibs along with electrolyte drinks and energy gels to help them perform to the best of their abilities. As well as this, all players will be contacted after the event with individual feedback from our staff members.

Shortly after the event, some successful players will be contacted by the attending scouts and coaches with an offer of either trials or contracts to their respective clubs. Many clubs have confirmed their attendance at our first UK event, including Wycombe, Peterborough and Rangers!

Unsuccessful players, do not worry! You will be contacted by I.S.M scouts with feedback and consultation to see how you can improve your chances of getting signed. As well as this, you will be likely offered discounts to future events and kept in contact with so that you can have another opportunity at becoming a professional football player.

United States Soccer Scholarships

Fancy playing abroad? We offer players the chance to go to America for Talent Identification Events too!

Our events in America are similar, but they feature 3 different stages in which the players have to go through, with the first being 50 players featuring in matches in front of I.S.M staff members. 30 players will then be selected to progress to the next stage where they will perform in front of 100's of scouts attending in person and via live-stream.

A final 18 man shortlist of players will be selected to move onto stage 3, which is where a I.S.M Showcase Team will play a professional team! Players that perform well will be offered trials and contracts at a variety of different clubs ranging from soccer colleges, USL sides and even MLS clubs.

Trustworthy & Honest Representation

The most important thing for a footballer is their mental well-being and happiness. If a player is unhappy, their performances will suffer and therefore their career will as well. At Inter Sports Management, we provide bespoke management services to all of our clients and aim to provide them with the best guidance and support around.

We have numerous partners that can help our clients such as Club2 - a project that is ran by English Premier League sports scientists that provides our athletes with the opportunity to work with them through using world-class fitness data and tests to make sure that they are in peak condition.

Do you have what it takes? Join The Journey today and make your dream a reality!

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