The American Dream: ISM Edition

Soccer in America is growing at a huge rate, with the MLS having the 7th highest average attendance in worldwide professional soccer.

After the MLS, there are many other successful divisions below that, with the USL Championship, USL 1 & 2, and the UPSL.

American soccer also offers players a different dynamic when compared to football in Europe, this is through the use of the MLS SuperDraft that takes place annually. This offers a talented bunch of college graduates the opportunity to be transferred to an MLS club!

At ISM, we run a successful soccer programme called the Inter Orlando Academy, which strives to Identify, Develop and Promote promising soccer players between the ages of 15 and 25. From foundation in 2017, we have successfully developed 15 players and given them the platform to sign professional contracts at clubs around the world, as well as many more reaching college level in America.

With many colleges offering aspiring athletes the opportunity to earn lucrative scholarships and play in-front of thousands of fans each week, the chance of earning one of these scholarships can be extremely difficult.

This is where ISM comes along..

The ISM Journey - USA

We will be hosting identification events in the USA. This will be a chance for players to showcase their talent in front of professional scouts and against professional teams. It’s also the chance to impress the ISM recruitment team!

Stage 1: Identification

Players who attend the Stage 1 event will participate in a series of 11 v 11 matches. The idea behind these matches is to allow the players to showcase their talents to the I.S.M Scouting team.

This event will have a maximum number of 50 participants. The I.S.M Scouting team will assess every participants performance, and will then select the top 30 players from the event to move on to the second stage of the I.S.M Journey!

Stage 2: Development

Stage 2 is really where players get pushed outside of their comfort zone. Players will participate in a series of Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological drills that will be led by coaches and trainers from professional clubs around the world.

Once the testing phase is complete, players will then be placed into small groups for small sided games. After these games have concluded, 11v11 matches will then take place where players will get the opportunity to perform in front of scouts from clubs all over the world. These 11v11 matches will also be live streamed to our scout and coaches network that is viewed by 1000's of scouts from clubs across the globe.

At the end of the event, I.S.M Staff will collect the player evaluations that have been completed by the scouts/clubs in attendance at the event, and will announce the final 18 players that will move on to Stage 3 of the I.S.M Journey, a 90 minute match against a Professional Team.

Stage 3: Placement

Stage 3 of the I.S.M Journey is the pinnacle opportunity for players, the chance to perform against a professional club.

Here the selected 18 players will be able to showcase their talents against a professional club, whilst also being watched by other club scouts and coaches.

This phase is completely controlled by the players performance on the pitch, with the main focus being that should the players perform well, then they will be offered the opportunity to trial or sign with the clubs in attendance.


Post-Trial: Email Contact - All players will be contacted thanking them for attending the event. All unsuccessful players will receive constructive feedback and possible discounts on future I.S.M Identification events. All successful players will receive an invite to the next stage of events and invited to a 1 on 1 consultation with I.S.M staff.

Elite Sports USA + Inter Sports Management

Inter Sports Management have partnered with Elite Sport USA. ES USA are an organisation who help elite athletes undertake a soccer scholarship in the states, whom have great success with their clients with a number of them playing professionally in America and the UK, including Keinan Davis of Aston Villa. We are now working with them to provide our clients with the opportunity to obtain a USA Soccer Scholarship, where they can continue Athletically and Academically. Find out more about Elite Sports USA.

Alternatively, click here to check out our events on offer and begin your ISM Journey.

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