Inter Sports Management- Welcome to the Journey

Who are we?

Inter Sports Management is a full-service management agency that specialises in working with athletes, coaches, and clubs from around the world. Our team collaborates with a large variety of global Professional and Amateur organisations, bringing maximum exposure to our client base.

We have multiple offices around the world, with our Headquarters located in Orlando, Florida. We are the parent company of Inter Orlando Academy. Want to find out more? Click here!-

What services do we offer?

Innovation. Service. Mentorship.

Innovation- At Inter Sports Management, we are constantly striving to find new and creative ways to help our clients reach the top! ISM decided that we would have our very own events team that would focus on running our talent Identification events throughout the year across the globe. These events would create opportunities for our clients and other athletes to gain the opportunity to be trained and assessed by Professional Coaches and Scouts, as well as having the chance to compete against Professional Teams. We also host international trips throughout the year, taking a select group of players to different countries to compete against Professional teams, in the attempt to help our clients earn trial or contract opportunities.

Service- Our mission at Inter Sports Management is to provide best in class Consulting, Management, and Professional Services to Athletes, Coaches, and Sporting Organizations from around the world. We strive to be the very best in all aspects of our industry, providing cutting-edge marketing solutions and an extensive network of clubs, coaches, agents, and scouts from across the globe.

Mentorship- At ISM, we understand that each individual client is different and deserves to be treated with the correct amount of professionalism and respect. All of our clients have access to their own specific mentor, who is available for video conferencing, phone calls, and personal meetings. These mentorship sessions are designed to help reduce the client's worries so they can focus on their performances. Get a full look into what we do here!-

The Journey..

At ISM, we brand ourselves on the ISM Journey. We encourage our clients to join our process and we do not solely care about if our client can earn a professional contract right away. What we can do, is assist them on their journey towards that. The ISM Journey begins with providing a player with the opportunity to sign up. This involves our identification trial events, where numerous scouts as well as our own recruitment professionals watch potential clients showcase their talents. Not only do they get the chance to join our journey, but they get the chance to be noticed right away. This could directly lead to another step in our journey, a professional contract with a professional club or with ISM. You also have the opportunity to receive a soccer scholarship, courtesy of our partners in the US- ISM Orlando Scholarship. The journey doesn't end there. ISM will build a showcase team from our events, which will then go on to play professional clubs! A player will never leave our events without gaining something, as each player will get an invitation to future trials and will receive feedback on their performance and where they could improve. You can join the ISM Journey here-

Building a team

To provide our clients with the best service possible, we have built a team of professionals who specialize in different areas. Our clients don't just benefit from a representative, but from a well-rounded team. At ISM, we have intermediaries, recruitment and scouting experts and marketing and event professionals. We have partners that specialize in areas that we do not. With everyone pulling together, we have the confidence that our clients can get the very best support in every aspect they need, in order to achieve their goals and to have a successful and meaningful journey. Meet our team here!-

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