Club2 – Train with Premier League Sport Scientists

Introducing Club2

Club2 is a unique project that aims to provide players and teams with elite level sports science support from some of the youngest and most innovative staff from the professional game. All our staff are currently working at Premier League clubs, so they know what is required at the highest level.

From left to right: Brett Morris, Raj Soni-Tricker and James Allan, three of Club 2’s central staff members. They have over 10 years of collective experience working and conducting research in Premier League first team and academy football.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help players take their game to the next level with Premier League sport science support. We utilise the same fitness tests as Premier League academy and first team football, to determine players current physical capacities. This allows us to identify and benchmark where they are now compared to academy and first team players of their age.

Club2 fitness testing reports analyse players’ current physical capacities and allow them to benchmark and compare themselves to academy / first team players in their playing position.

Once their current levels have been identified, we put detailed, individualised training programmes in place to help them reach their targeted improvements as quickly and efficiently as possible. These programmes are tailored and delivered in a way that suits the individual player, whether that be through live online coaching sessions, or remote training programmes that they can complete independently.

Club2 athletes receive ‘Player Cards’ after fitness testing which summarise their current fitness testing scores compared to the very best scores achieved in world football to date.

ISM Partnership

The ISM mission is to recruit the best talent there is and give high level opportunities to players who deserve it. This aligns with our own ethos and our partnership allows these players to access first class support from our Premier League sport scientists, who are passionate about helping highly ambitious and committed players. We currently work with a number of players from all around the world, but our ISM partnership sees us give first priority to their clients. Click here to learn more about Inter Sports Management and their journey.


Research shows that the physical intensity of football had been increasing rapidly for a number of years pre-pandemic. We recently summarised this, exploring some of the key stats and evidence. Using both the latest research, plus players’ individual fitness testing reports, we are able to provide our athletes with highly detailed and evidence-based training programmes. These are informed by both our day-to-day work and our ongoing research within Premier League football. This gives players the best chance of maximising their physical performance and robustness to injury, to keep pace with the modern game.

Club2 sport scientists use the latest research and stats from Premier League football to help design our conditioning sessions.

Work with Club2

Players or teams who are interested in receiving elite level physical performance support from our Premier League sport scientists can get in touch with us directly or book a free consultation via our website. By discussing your goals and individual needs, we can help identify whether we are a good fit to work together and help take your game to the next level.

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