Having the opportunity to study at a College / University in the USA is something that you cannot turn down!


It is a life-changing experience, but it is also a very scary and daunting one if you do not have the correct guidance and knowledge prior to embarking on this journey.


Finding the correct program where you will spend the next three to four years can be extremely challenging. In addition, you have to consider the area of study that you will choose, the financial cost of attending that school, the location where you will live, as well as studying for critical placement examinations.

These are the reasons that I.S.M Collegiate Division was formed, to take away these added pressures, and help you prepare for the transition into the best years of your life! Our staff is made up of people who have gone through the exact same processes that you are going through, and are here to provide their insight and guidance based on their own experiences. This is a crucial part of I.S.M because the knowledge that our staff brings from their own first-hand experiences is invaluable.

We provide a variety of services in order for every Student-Athlete to take advantage of and hopefully land the scholarship offer they are dreaming of!

Our comprehensive service encompassed the entire College recruitment process from start to finish. Everything from Applications, Conversing with Coaches, Negotiation Advice, Scholarship, and Financial Aid applications, SAT/ACT Guidance, and Student Visa Application support. 

We know that every Student-Athlete is different, and due to this, we have seen that the timeline for this process can be anywhere between six to eighteen months from start to finish.

Our staff will do our very best to eliminate the additional pressures and stresses of the Collegiate Recruitment Process, in order for the Student-Athlete to focus on their Academics and their Sporting careers.

Put aside these extra stresses, and allow Inter Sports Management to help you TODAY!

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In line with NCAA regulations, I.S.M - Collegiate Divison charges a service fee for hands-on management, pastoral support, and successful placement at a US University and sports program.

The service fee covers the following services:









Create Online Profile

Upload Video Footage & Highlights

Look Up College Programs

Be Seen By Coaches & Scouts Online

Receive Notifications When Your Profile Is Viewed By Coaches & Scouts

Access To Scholarship Resources

Know Which Coaches Want You

Contact Coaches Directly Via Online Messaging Portal

Live Support

Direct Promotion To College Coaches

Discounts & Exclusive Offers To Attend I.S.M. Events

Receive Offer From A College/University in the USA

Grade Evaluation & Conversion

College / University Application Submission Guidance

SAT & ACT Test Guidance

NCAA / NAIA Eligibility Center Guidance & Submission

Quarterly 1-to-1 Update Meetings


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1. Create An Online Profile

Start today by creating an online profile for FREE!

Our Student-Athlete Profile Builder is extremely easy to use and creates your unique profile in seconds!

Once a Student-Athlete creates a profile, their information will go live on our active database of over 50,000 Coaches & Scouts.

2. Assessment Period

The Student-Athletes information is then assessed by one of our staff members to determine which is the best pathway for the Student-Athlete to explore.

Our staff will help Student-Athletes identify what programs are the most suitable based on their Academic and Athletic abilities.


The goal is to place a Student-Athlete on the best path in order for them to succeed both in the classroom and on the field!

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3. Connect and Talk with Coaches

Discuss different options with College and University coaches based on the Student-Athletes academic, athletic, financial, and personal details.

Our staff will advise and guide the Student-Athlete through this process to ensure successful communication exchanges are being made, and all questions are being answered.

4. Negotiation

Our staff will aid the Student-Athlete in the negotiations around receiving an offer from a program. 

We want to ensure that the Student-Athletes' best interests are being met, and we will work tirelessly to provide the support needed to make the correct decision.

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5. Done Deal!

Support the Student-Athlete to make the best decision and sign their National Letter of Intent.

Accept the offer and become a Collegiate Athlete!